Somerset Math Olympiad 2018-2019

Thank you for your interests in the Somerset PTSA Math Olympiad Club. Please read carefully before your clicking the registration button.

Math Olympiad is a Washington statewide team based competition where each team competes against itself to gain as many points as possible. We invite 4th, 5th graders and 3th GESP challenge takers to join the event. Each team will have 4 team members, a main coach who is responsible for coordinating team study activities and a volunteer helping on keeping team order etc. We will invite professional coach for some important topics (such as long problem solving).

Please note: Chrome web browser is recommended for below registration process. If you meet problems with IE, Safari, etc, please consider using Chrome.

Registration window is Sep. 18th,10AM to Sep. 25th, 2018 end of day during which you can enroll your team. We have below new registration process this year.

1. Only PTSA members can enroll this program. You will be a PTSA member only when you pay the PTSA enrollment fee ($25 per family or $15 per parent). If your family has any difficulties, please directly contact Math Olympiad Organizer: YueQin Wang at

2. Parents can only enroll your kids for this program. If one family has more than one kid, you have to enroll each kid separately.

3. We will use online payment system to collect money only. Each kid enrollment fee would be $50, which includes: Math Olympiad registration fee, all math training equipment and supplies needed, handouts, coach fee, and year-end party. Please pay online.  No refunds after registration. If your family has any difficulties, please directly contact Math Olympiad Organizer: YueQin Wang at

Please note we will process your registration only when you have finished your online payment. After you enrolling your kid, please continue the payment process. If you have any payment issues, please contact MO team.

4. Math Olympiad organizer normally provide T-Shirt. It's optional.

5. If your kids already have formed a 4-member team, please submit your team information during registration.  (We have related fields for you to fill in those information). It would be great that you have fantastic team name!

6. We will host a placement assessment as soon as registration ends. It will help us to understand the overall status this year.

7. If you have difficulty to assemble a team (You only have 1, 2 or 3 team members and you need MO chairs helping with forming 4-member team). We will help you to communicate and organize the 4 members' team. But we can't guarantee that each student can finally find a team (For example, we don't have enough members for the last team, etc)

Below button will be open at 10:00 AM on Sep.18th 2018.


If you have any question about registration, feel free to contact YueQin Wang at