Our mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of each and every child at Somerset Elementary School. As part of the Washington State PTA, we are a nonprofit membership association bringing together the home, school, and community on behalf of our children.

Art to Remember


Your student's artwork is finally ready to be transformed into personalized keepsakes and great gift ideas! We have delivered personalized order forms to each class this week - please check your student's backpack if you haven't had it. Here is a sample order form. To view your student's artwork, visit arttoremember.com and enter your individual order code printed on the order form OR you can use this link https://arttoremember.com/school/9wp2de to search for your kid's name and place an order. You may choose from more than 50 different products on the website. Better yet, proceeds from the sales will be donated to our school to help fund our future events and activities! 

Students who haven't had a chance to submit their artwork (virtual academy students or those who didn't get their art turned in before the mid-winter break) can actually go onto the Art to Remember website and upload their artwork themselves. The directions are:

  • Go to: https://arttoremember.com/school/9wp2de
  • Select Find My Child and type in the child's first and last name
  • Select Upload an Art Piece
  • Upload the photo directly to the child's account. 
  • Families can then browse products and place orders directly from Art to Remember.

PHOTOGRAPHING STUDENT ART AT HOME:  If you're wondering about the requirements for the photo, here are some general guidelines for photographing art for the purpose of reproduction:

  1. Take the photo in a well-lit area with indirect, diffused lighting (e.g. North-facing windows or outside on a cloudy day). Avoid direct sunlight and shadows. 
  2. If you're using your phone camera, check your device settings before taking photos to make sure the image file-size is set to medium or large quality.
  3. Take the photo directly overhead of the art, or if it’s attached to the wall, directly in front. Avoid photographing the work at an angle. Use the grid feature on your phone's camera to see if the sides and top of the artwork are parallel to the grid, or adjust as needed in the photo editor.
  4. Fill the frame with the artwork.
  5. Check to make sure the image is in sharp focus.
  6. Use something to steady the camera to avoid blurry images.
Make sure to order before 4/8/2022 in order to enjoy FREE shipping. Any Questions? Contact our team at Somersetarttoremember@gmail.com