Our mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of each and every child at Somerset Elementary School. As part of the Washington State PTA, we are a nonprofit membership association bringing together the home, school, and community on behalf of our children.

PTSA Meeting Calendar 2021-2022

August 26   EC Meeting (7:00-8:30pm)
September 2   EC Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
September 15   BOD Meeting (9:15-11:15am)
October 07   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
October 20   BOD & General Membership Mtg. (9:30-10:30am)
November 04   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
November 17   BOD Meeting (9:30-10:30am)
December 02   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
December 7   BOD Holiday Meeting (7:00pm-8:00pm) 
January 06   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
January 19   BOD Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
February 03   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
February 16   BOD Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
March 02   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
March 08   General Membership Meeting (7:00pm)
March 16   BOD Meeting (7:00-8pm)
April 06   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
April 20   BOD Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
May 04   EC Meeting (7pm-8:15pm)
May 18   BOD Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
June 01   EC Meeting and retreat (10:00am-2:00pm)
June 15   BOD Meeting (7:00-8:00pm)
June 16   General Membership Meeting (1:15-2:00pm)