We need some volunteers for our picture day. Volunteers would be responsible for guiding students from the parking lot to the covered area in the back of the school, and managing the waiting line and keeping kids away from the playground. Also help with break down at the end of the day. Below is the sign up link for picture day. Please sign up to volunteer
Thank you so much for your help!
Picture day update:
Thanks for our picture day volunteers: Yan Zhou, Grace Yu, Wendy Nuezca, Yuki Yang, Peggy Wang, Kelly Wong, Sandy Zhang, Loan Bui, Shinobu Asai, Cayce Truong, Jyac Truong-Ho, Jyothsna Pakanati, Henry Leung, Andrea Wohlan. 
Thanks to the cooperation and help of all parents, students and volunteers, our two days of picture day went smoothly. 

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