Somerset Math Circle 2019-2020


Thank you for your interest in the Somerset PTSA Math Circle Club. Somerset Math Circle invites our 3rdto 5th grade students who are interested in math and would like to participate in math competitions. This year, we plan to provide students opportunities to enter multiple math competitions, such as Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, and Math is Cool. All competitions are optional and students/parents can collectively make their decision on which one (ones) to enter, if at all.


Math Circle will continue providing online training materials and videos with a wider coverage in math “genres” to get our students ready for different math competitions. We will invite a professional coach for some important topics, such as long problem solving. One exciting change from last year is that we will add a new parallel branch for the 2nd– 3rd graders.


Please note: Chrome is required for the registration process.


Registration opens on September 20th, 10:00 AM and closes at midnight of September 30th, 2019. 


Please visit MATH CIRCLE.