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Monday, May 27
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Somerset PTSA Brown Bear Car Wash Fundraiser

PTSA Brown Bear Car Wash Fundraiser is back again this year—proceeds benefit all Somerset Elementary students. Take advantage of this opportunity to give back and keep your ride looking fresh! This is also more environmentally friendly as the detergent and wastewater are recycled before they go down storm drains and cause harm to aquatic plant life, fish, and other animals.

Students are invited to put on their entrepreneur hats and sell tickets to family, friends, neighbors... anyone they know with a car is fair game!  Tickets also make great gifts for Birthdays and Mother's/Father's/Grandparents' Day! You can download the Order Form to help you plan your business and pre-order your inventory before 05/24/24. Please click here for details.

Tickets are going on sale starting Saturday, April 27, and end on Friday, May 24. You can purchase tickets online or drop off cash/check to the school by May 24, 2024. Tickets will be available at Apr 30, 2024 Somerset Elementary PTSA STEAM Night. Find our Brown Bear Table, and get your sticks and tickets. Tickets are for 1 Beary Clean Wash and are redeemable at any Brown Bear Car Wash Tunnel location.  All ticket sales from PTSA are FINAL

The PTSA will recognize our students' hard work, determination, and dedication to the cause by celebrating:

  • Top three students: Lunch together with Principal Elder.
  • PTSA goal of 500 total tickets sold: all students will celebrate their collective efforts with a 20-minute movie during lunch!

Call for Leadership: Somerset PTSA Executive Committee Elections for 2024-2025 School Year

At our upcoming PTSA General Membership Meeting, we will be electing officers for the Somerset PTSA Executive Committee for the 2024-2025 school year. The Nominating Committee's recommended slate of candidates has been posted on our website since May 1st. However, it's an empty slate so far, as all Executive Committee positions are still open.

As per WA State PTA Bylaws, it's crucial to have at least the President, Secretary, and Treasurer positions filled by the beginning of the school year for our PTSA to continue operating. Without an active PTSA, vital activities like field trips, afterschool programs, and community events would be impacted. Additionally, school grants rely on PTSA fundraising efforts, generously supported by our families.

We strongly encourage self-nominations and are eager to assist anyone interested in these roles. For more information or to express your interest, please contact nominating committee .Your participation is crucial for our PTSA's continued success and the ongoing enrichment of our school community. Let's come together to keep our PTSA active and effective!

Join Somerset 2024 Open House

Somerset Elementary School Open House

Join us at Somerset Elementary School's Open House! This special event on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at 6 PM in our cafeteria, offers a glimpse into our vibrant learning community. Meet our teachers, explore our programs, and connect with other families. Discover how we, together with the Somerset PTSA, create an enriching and supportive educational environment. We can't wait to welcome you!

Join PTSA Mailing List

We invite you to join our PTSA mailing list to stay updated and informed about our school community. Our weekly PTSA newsletter provides essential insights on upcoming events, current news, and pertinent updates from both the PTSA and the wider school community. Being part of our mailing list ensures you have direct access to information that can enrich your child's educational experience and keep you connected with school happenings. Don't miss out on this valuable resource — sign up today to be a more informed and engaged member of our community!

Join 2023 Somerset Superstar PTSA! 

We invite you to become a part of something extraordinary – join the Somerset Superstar Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) and make a real difference in the lives of our children. Your membership is not just a sign of support; it's an investment in the future of our students and our community.
Why Join Somerset Superstar PTSA?

  • Amplify Our Voice: The more members we have, the stronger our voice becomes when advocating for our children's needs at both local and state levels. Together, we can make sure our children's education remains a priority.
  • Stay Informed: As a PTSA member, you'll receive our exclusive PTSA eNews every week. Stay up-to-date with school news, important events, and opportunities to get involved.
  • Support Extracurriculars: Some of our fantastic extracurricular activities, like the Chess Club, math circle, reading club, and more. Your membership ensures that your child has access to these enriching experiences.

Join or Renew Your Membership Today!
PTSA memberships need to be renewed every school year, so even if you were a member last year, we invite you to renew your membership for the current year. Your commitment makes a lasting impact. Join us now! Please click here to join or renew your membership!

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Our mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of each and every child at Somerset Elementary School. As part of the Washington State PTA, we are a nonprofit membership association bringing together the home, school, and community on behalf of our children.