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Do you know that in middle school, the students will get tested on over 100 countries?  Let's get them prepared by familiarizing them with some of these countries early! You can help your child by having them participate in Passport Club. It is a parent run club for students to learn the locations of countries. Students gain confidence and develop a strong curiosity if they practice regularly and learn something about the countries they’re studying.  

This year, we will be posting all materials online. Students should complete the quiz and/or special itinerary for that month before the end of the month. We will commend students with high participation rate at the end of the school year.
Students are encouraged to study the countries up to their grade level. For example, Kindergarten/first grade should learn the countries in the level 1 map, grade 2 to know level 2 maps, etc, etc. Fifth graders are expected to know level 5 maps but would be great if they know level 6 as well.
The full list of maps throughout the year can be found here (Password: HelloWorld)
If you didn't get a chance to complete April check, please click here

For May

Please study countries in the May map based on their grade level
1) To download and print the map, click  here
2) To learn more interesting facts about chosen regions, please click on the countries below:
Guatemala Ghana , Iran , Malaysia , Spain
For third grade and older:  
By the end of the month
3) Please take the quiz and keep track of their best result. Students can try the quiz multiple times for practice
As the quiz test all areas up to level 6(30 countries/regions), the quiz is designed towards grade 3 and older. 
  • Third graders are only expected to know around 15 countries 
  • Fourth graders => 20 countries
  • Fifth graders => 25 countries or more

4) Students can also research a country/region of their choice from the map and fill out a special itinerary . For online resources, please click here

5) Please record number of countries/regions your child was able to identify correctly and/or the country they have researched. Only fill it out ONCE per month

For younger kids: 

We encourage the parents to be involved. 

3) Go through the countries/region in the first few levels and ask them to point to the location on the blank map on the first page. See how many places they know

4) Learn about the different continents/countries on National Geographics and other resources here

5) Please record number of countries/regions your child can locate and/or country they have learned about. Only fill it out ONCE per month


Fifty States

For a fun introduction to some of the states in our nation, please click on the following videos: 

Maine , Pennsylvania , Alabama , South Dakota


If you have questions or feedback, please send email to passportclub.somerset@gmail.com