Because Our PTSA Creates Connections

  • Meet new people and build powerful relationships.
  • Get to know our school’s teachers and staff in a fun, low-stakes environment.
  • Connect to important school and community resources that benefit your child.
  • Strengthen our community and the village that helps raise your child —we need your unique perspective to make a difference! 

Because Our PTSA Supports Your Child

  • Get resources that support your child’s growth at school and at home
  • Enrich your child’s school life with nationally recognized, fun and educational programs
  • Our data-backed, nationally recognized programs give your child access to opportunities they might not have otherwise. We need your help to keep them going!

Because Our PTSA Amplifies Your Voice

  • Create positive change in our school, community, and nation.
  • Strengthen your ability to support and protect your child. As part of a national association, your PTSA membership dues fund child advocacy efforts that change policies and laws in our community, our city, our state and on Capitol Hill.
  • Have a voice in decisions that affect you, your family, and all families. Our PTSA gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on education policies, backed by the collective bargaining power of millions of PTSA members nationwide.
  • Find a community of advocates who share your interests and concerns.
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills as an advocate. Your PTSA membership gives you access to workshops, resources and training that will teach you how to find and contact your elected officials— and what to do once you’ve got their attention. 

Our mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of each and every child at Somerset Elementary School. As part of the Washington State PTA, we are a nonprofit membership association bringing together the home, school, and community on behalf of our children.