Parenthood Development Talk


Join us for our Parenthood Development talk on May 31 at 7pm (**note change in time**) in the Somerset cafeteria/gym. Kelle Hansman (Emergency Management Program Coordinator for Bellevue School District) and Leif Moe-Lobeda (aka Mr. Moe, Assistant Principal at Somerset Elementary) will share how BSD prepares for safety during emergencies and specifically, how these procedures are applied at Somerset. We will learn about the safety structure in place, types of drills our students practice, and how we can talk with our kids about these various scenarios.

New!  Right At School will provide free childcare so that parents can attend this important talk - please sign up here.  An email with important info will be sent to those who signed up a few days before the event.

NOTE: Space is very limited and the sign-up up will close on May 28 - if you have not signed up, please do not bring your child(ren) to the event.  RSVP for each child and include their name in the comment section.  If you prefer not to post your child's name publicly, please sign up with your name for the spot(s) and email with the information.  Thank you!




2020-2021 Parenthood Development Talk by Jamie Cho

2021-2022 Parenthood Development Talk: CPR workshop

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