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Recap of PHD Talk "How to talk with children about race and racism"



A big thank you to Jamie Cho for talking to us about race and racism and showing us how we can have meaningful conversations with our children and be part of the change for a better world without racism.

Here are the books and websites Jamie recommended during her presentation. 
Children's book list:
Adult book list
Some additional resources:
Social Justice organizations:

Somerset library has copies of several of the books listed in the biography from Dr. Jamie Cho’s presentation about talking to kids about race, and that the others are already on Mrs. Bravenec's order list for the next purchase 

If any families are unable to get one of the free books being given out, they can request to borrow these books from our Somerset library now:

  •  Separate is Never Equal
  •  Thank you, Omu
  •  Long Walk to Water (3 copies available – this one is for older students (perhaps grades 3 and up)
  •  Malala’s Magic Pencil

The rest of the list will hopefully arrive in a few weeks for our library collection. 

Families can also find many of these titles in the King County Library collection in either print format (to request with a library card) or online as audiobooks or Ebooks. Website is www.kcls.org

The following titles can also be accessed through Epic, which our students can all use for free during school hours (until 4pm) and most teachers have an account for their classes. If they don’t have a code from their teachers, students can use the library class code: suc1043. Website is www.getepic.com and can also be accessed in Clever on student iPads/laptops:

  •  Separate is Never Equal
  •  Thank you, Omu!

Any families who need help accessing the books through our library or KCLS or Epic may reach out to me and I will be happy to help.

There are additional titles in our library that would support conversations about race as well, such as chapter books like Sylvia and Aki (one of Mrs. Elder’s favorites!) and Dash and Esperanza Rising and Front Desk and Ain’t so Awful, Falafel and Through My Eyes and Nowhere Boy, as well as picture books like Baseball Saved Us and The Other Side and The Youngest Marcher and Follow Chester! and Teammates and The Bracelet and Fish for Jimmy and The Ugly Vegetables and so many more! I would love for families to use me as a resource as well to find books to further the conversation – as the Somerset librarian, I  connecting families with books, especially on topics so meaningful as this one.


Parenthood Development Talk


Please join us for our Parenthood Development talk with Somerset parent Jamie Cho on how to talk with your children about race and racism. 

This conversation will center race and how to talk with children and answer their questions about racial differences and racism. Children’s understanding of racial categories develop early and are influenced by the narratives offered by the adults in their lives. It is vital that adults are having conversations with children as they try to make sense of what they are observing in their family, neighborhoods, schools, and communities. Through these conversations, families have the power to raise a generation of critical thinkers who strive for social justice and equity.

Jamie Cho is a parent educator at two cooperative preschools through Seattle Central College and Bellevue College. She holds a Ph.D. in special education from U.C. Berkeley and her research has focused on cultural beliefs around parenting. Jamie has worked previously as an early interventionist with young children with autism spectrum disorders as well as served as an educational researcher at UCLA and teacher educator at California State Universities. 

This event will be held online Mar 24th 6-7 pm. Please register HERE if you want to join this event.