Donor List 2017 Fall Fundraising

Somerset PTSA is an organization that is completely operated and funded by students’ parents and supporters. Donations received through the school year will have direct impact on programs and services that PTSA provides.

Due to varying factors and changes in recent years, the number of active donors and average donation amounts have been going down year after year. Traditional fundraising methods used in the past are not generating enough revenue to support the PTSA’s vision and budget.

A survey conducted by the PTSA in 2018 showed that there is a preference to do less fundraising activities and that people prefer to just donate. The PTSA organized the first ever Fall Fundraising Drive in 2016 and raised over 90K from parents, supporters and from within our local community. Based on our updated revenue projection, the PTSA is budgeted to spend over $300 per Somerset student for the school year 2018/2019, equivalent to what we had spent in 2017-2018. Click here for detailed budget for School year 2018/2019. So far, the PTSA has secured about one third of the funds ($95 per student) through our successful biennial auction (2017-2019) held back in March of 2017. The rest must be raised through the Fall Fundraising Drive.


Therefore we are asking for at least $200 donation per student. If you are able to donate more than suggested amount, thank you and please do so. If you cannot give the full $200/student donation, please give whatever amount you can. Every donation will help us reach our goal. These generous donations will directly benefit your child, our school and Somerset community.

2018-2019 Fall Fundraising Drive FAQ

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Donor List 2017 Fall Fundraising