Welcome to Somerset Passport Club!        



Do you know that in middle school, the students will get tested on over 100 countries?  Let's get them prepared by familiarizing them with some of these countries early! You can help your child by having them participate in Passport Club. It is a parent run club for students to learn the locations of countries. Students gain confidence and develop a strong curiosity if they practice regularly and learn something about the countries they’re studying.  

Each month the students will get tested on the countries listed on the monthly maps. Either your classroom teacher signs up for the class to be tested or you can have your child come to Portable #2 (near playground) during the first recess on testing days. Please check with your teacher. 
If you and/or your child are interested, please have them stop by the front office for a study packet or you can find the monthly maps on our club website: 
https://somersetpassport.wordpress.com/monthly-maps/     (Password: HelloWorld)
We need many volunteers each month. Please sign up here: https://signup.com/go/nHeNDwt
Thank you in advance for supporting the Passport Club!