Staff Appreciation Annual Cookie Blizzard Recap


A fantastic cookie blizzard occurred on Thursday 12/16, which filled up the lounge with all kinds of delicious and beautiful cookies and sweets and filled up the staff's hearts with warm appreciation from Somerset families. Thank you to the baking masters from our Somerset families for making this wonderful event happen. 

Staff Appreciation Cookie Blizzard Volunteers:
Adele Zhang Hyewon Shin Lingyan Rong Shweta Sikroria
Alexander Xie Indu Thomas Lisa Lv Stella Ligeret
Ana Howard Janet Chen Lu Zhang Stephanie Keehn
Andrea Chu Jessie Chien Mari Bisson Stephanie Chung
Andrea Doan Jieyun Fan Maya Sreenivas Terasa Cabanilla
Annabelle Han Jinny Kim Mina Yoo Tucky Wongpaka
Ching Fong Joanna Yang Natalie Hovanec Von Duong
Christine Lowe Jolene Marshall Peggy Wang Wei Liu
Cristy Iacolucci Josefina Correa Penny Pan Yan Xu
Diane Kuslich Joy Chen Pratima Penmetsa Yan Zhou
Ellen Zhang June Wang Preethi Chandrasekhar Yanfen Fu
Erica Johnson Kathy Ge Rayyan Ismail Yanfen Song
Eun Suk Cho Kiran Sreenivas Rebeca Fisikelli Yim Cheng
Garima Agarwal Krystal Wang Renata Akalin Ying Liang
Haili Zhao Le Au Rohan Nadar Youngjoo Park
Heather Hsia Leo Ligeret Seo Yeon Kim Yun Han
Hillary Nordwell Lin Zhang Shuo Wang

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