Principal Birthday Lunches

Our Principals plan to continue our tradition of honoring and celebrating Somerset students during their birthday month. Please encourage your child to attend and join them during lunch time. Sessions will be held from 12:30-1:00 PM and you may refer to the table below for specific dates. 

Students will receive a Teams invite through their student email accounts from Ruth Embaye, our office manager, the Monday prior. If you don't receive an invitation, please reach out to Each session includes an opportunity for students to share something exciting about birthdays, a quick art project and a short story. You may refer to the table below for specific dates. Please note we have moved the birthday lunch celebrations to Wednesday to ensure all students, both virtual and hybrid can attend.

Sep 25 - August
Sep 29 - September
Oct 27 - October
Nov 24 - November
Dec 15 - December
Jan 27 - January
Feb 24 - February
Mar 24- March
Apr 28 - April
May 26 - May
Jun 16 - June & July