Math Adventure

Math Adventure Nights is hosted by The Somerset PTSA. Students form teams and must solve math problems to reveal clues that they use at different stations to release their next puzzles. Math Adventure is non-competitive and everyone celebrates advancing through the scenarios, while learning and having lots of fun. For more information, sample puzzles, and to see video of past Math Adventure events, visit


Math topics align roughly with both the school math grade curricula and Singapore Math’s “Primary Math” curricula. Puzzle sets are available for levels Grades 1-6. Teams can also choose to do levels above or below their grad


The problem sets are designed for teams of 4 students of roughly even ability level (e.g. a set usually has 4 sheets of problems). Teams of 3-5 can play, but may need to modify their approach to accommodate the puzzle structures. Teams may participate at any chosen level, regardless of actual grade. Thus, students may “play up” a level for challenge, or “play down” a level for review. 

Additional Team Study Optional:

Some teams use Math Adventure nights as the impetus for extra math study during the year. A number of teams meet monthly or weekly to practice their math skills and learn new topics. This can be good practice for more competitive events such as Math Olympiad in 5th grade and beyond. However, many teams participate just in the adventure, enjoying a super fun evening of math. Teams are responsible for their own training materials, schedules, and sites. 


Each team must have a parent coach and an adult volunteer. Teams cannot share volunteers or coaches. Coaches will chaperone the students during the event. Coaches can choose how much direction and assistance they provide students. The adult volunteer will take on jobs at event night, such as set-up, clean-up, flow management, or assistant in various stations.  Additional adult or high school students are also encouraged to volunteer.  It’s a great way to earn community service hours.


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