/* 2020-2021 Math Circle registration was closed to all families */


Somerset Math Circle 2020-2021 


Good News From Math Circle Club. Our math circle team built training material in past years. It include 3-4 level and 5 level. It's target for the prealgebra level. It helps kids to prepare for MIC and MO competition preparation. The topics matches  Prealgbra (AOPS version). It is complementary materials for Prealgbra study. If you missed math club registration but need some training materials, you can register here. It's open to Somerset PTSA Members only  (2nd or higher graders). We will send out practice packets and answers (with simple solutions) weekly soon after registration closes.

Click Here To Register: https://somersetptsa.org/Packet/MathCircleMaterial

Math circle is open to all Somerset PTSA members.  If you're experiencing financial difficulties, please write email to Math Circle Committee: mo.somerset@gmail.com.
You might want to access math circle website from here: https://selearning102.azurewebsites.net/