1. What is Math Circle?

Somerset Math Circle, the former Math Olympiad, is a PTSA program run by volunteers to inspire interest in Math, to build a solid math foundation, and to unite the community together by the unanimous goal of working for our students!


  1. Which grades students can attend Math Circle?

All students grade 2 and above are welcome.


  1. What will Math Circle offer to the members?

Math Circle will provide professional teaching services, assess students on a regular basis, register a variety of math competitions, and more. The most important reason to join Math Circle is to encourage your student to learn math in a collaborative way.


  1. How to register for Math Circle?

Please pay attention to our PTSA weekly eNews for registration information.

If you haven’t joined our PTSA, please do it at your convenience to receive information in a timely manner. Please visit: https://somersetptsa.org/ for all information.


  1. How much is the joining fee? $120


  1. Which competitions will Math Circle register for the members?

Math Is Cool, AMC 8, Math Kangaroo, etc.


  1. What are the Math Circle rules and regulations?

Info will be provided when our registration link opens.


  1. Is Somerset PTSA membership required to join Math Circle?

Yes. Somerset PTSA membership is required for all Math Circle members.


  1. Are donations to Somerset PTSA required to join Math Circle?

Math Circle is one of the largest PTSA programs and run completely by parent volunteers. Participation in Somerset PTSA Annual Fundraising Drive is strongly encouraged to continue our qualified service to all our students.


  1. What if my student cannot attend the classes?

Our teachers try to best accommodate our students’ schedules and provides classes in evenings. Our parents are weighing different classes for our students at all time. So please give Math Circle activities a high priority. And please note the lessons will not be recorded.


  1. Can Math Circle help register my students for competitions if we don’t join the club?

Yes. But our members have priority in competition registrations. Teams with all being Math Circle members have priority to enter team-based math competitions. We, therefore, encourage all students who wish to attend math competitions to join our club.


  1. Will Math Circle offer scholarships?

Yes, thanks to the Somerset PTSA. Please ask our front desk for more information.


Our mission is to support the education, health, and welfare of each and every child at Somerset Elementary School. As part of the Washington State PTA, we are a nonprofit membership association bringing together the home, school, and community on behalf of our children.