Goodwill will bring a truck to Somerset Elementary School on Sunday, March 7th, from 2 – 5 pm to accept donations of used goods.

Please help us fill the truck to support our PTSA fundraising program and to help with cleaning out your house.

You can bring almost everything to the donation drive including clothes, shoes, books, household items, linens, small electronics, exercise equipment, rugs, bed frames, toys, lamps, and small furniture(No bigger than a side table). As part of the E-cycle Washington program, Goodwill collects televisions, computer monitors, desktop computers, laptops, and other electronics that are still in working condition.

Also, we are looking for high school volunteers to help sort the donations to facilitate with the contactless drop off. If you have a high schooler who is interested, please let me know. We will provide Volunteer hour credit. Please sign up in the following link . If you have any question please email to
GoodWill Drive Recap
Our first Somerset PTSA Goodwill Drive was a huge success. We are so grateful to have so many donations from our Somerset families and communities. We are also very grateful to our hard-working volunteers. You all made this successful event happen. 
Our two Goodwill trucks were full of donations in 1.5 hours. We did not expect such a huge volume of donations. We are very proud of our Somerset families and communities. The trucks were filled so quickly that some families did not get a chance to drop off their donation items. Thanks to those families'  patience and understanding.  Next time we will definitely make it better.
Big thanks to our Somerset families from your PTSA! Please continuously support Somerset PTSA.
Big Thanks to our volunteers:
Liliana Castle
Jackson Castle
Matthew Zhuo
Jerry Li
Irene Cai
Renee Fang
Claire Fang
Jasmine Liu
Justin He
Jonathan Zheng
Yan He
Claire Wang
William Dai
Sydney Guo
Sylvia Wang
Lisa Liu
Andrea Wohlan
Harry Liu
Min Chen
Justin Liu
Austin Liu
Huan Guo
Sandy Zhang
Edward Huang
Dengyao Mo
Yan Zhou
Peggy Wang