If you choose to volunteer at one of our events, please verify if your company offers a Volunteer Hour Match or Volunteer Grant Program. If so, you can supplement your time spent volunteering with an additional corporate gift to the PTSA! Many companies will match an employee’s time volunteering with a financial donation, which benefits our students even more.

We've summarized volunteer hour-matching details of some common local employers below. Please note that company policies are subject to change, so please check with your HR department for the most up-to-date information. If your employer provides volunteer hour matching but is not listed, please email us at somersetptsa@gmail.com so they can be added. With your help, we hope to grow this list to include more generous companies that are actively involved in supporting their community. 



Boeing provides a $250 grant for every 25 hours of volunteering (max $6,000). Volunteers request their volunteer grants and fundraising walk grants through the company's corporate giving site at https://www.cybergrants.com/pls/cybergrants/eg_login.login?x_gm_id=2757&x_pt_id=

Additional details are available directly on the company intranet (recommended method) or at https://doublethedonation.com/forms/boeing-guidelines.pdf.

Employees have until January 31st of the following year to submit volunteer grant requests.



Google provides grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer on a regular basis. For every 5 hours of employee volunteering, Google will provide a $50 grant to the nonprofit.

Employees should log their hours and submit their volunteer grant requests electronically at https://login.corp.google.com/vendors/giftmatch.



After a minimum of 20 volunteer hours have been accrued by Intel employees, the Intel Foundation will donate $10 per volunteer hour.

Intel employees submit volunteer grant requests through Intel's volunteer grant portal on the company intranet. Employees should search for "Intel Involved Matching Grant" on the company intranet to access the appropriate form.

Additional details are available at http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/corporate-responsibility/intel-matching-grants.html.



Microsoft employees can request a grant of $25 per every hour volunteered.

Additional details are available at https://doublethedonation.com/forms/microsoft-guidelines.pdf.

Microsoft's Volunteer Grant Submission Process: Employees can log their hours and submit volunteer grant requests electronically at https://microsoft.benevity.org/.


Wells Fargo

There isn't a minimum number of hours required or a specific donation awarded, but Wells Fargo does award more than $500,000 annually in volunteer grants to nonprofits.

Submission Process: Employees should apply directly through the Wells Fargo Foundation. 

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