Afterschool Debate Program

Jump-start your children into the world of debating. This online program is great for students of all kinds in 4th and 5th graders who like to talk, but also shy students seeking to communicate or gain more self-confidence; students who like to argue, talk, research issues, challenge themselves, want to communicate better, and show interest in bettering their community. Our curriculum is not lecture-based; students will learn by doing. We will teach and engage you to debate effectively. We’ll help you prepare cases and responses. You will put that into practice in a supportive atmosphere where you will learn to communicate clearly, persuasively and with self-confidence.

Cost is $110 and includes all instruction and materials.
Day - Monday or Wednesday (start in mid-Oct to early Dec)
Time - 4-5:10pm

More information and Register at Registration for new students begins Sep 14th. All questions regarding the program can be sent to Jim Hanson at

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