Somerset Elementary's most EGG-citing Egg Drop Challenge is back! On April 30th each participating student or team will bring a well-designed protective container/lander that holds a raw egg which will be dropped off from a 60-foot high bucket, and see if the egg survives.

Students may register as an individual or as a team. Register your team here

Parents, we need your help to make this event happen. Sign up here to volunteer

For more details, please check out here.

Please email if you have any questions.

Q & A: 

1. Q: Can a team include more than 3 participants? 

A: No. The maximum number of team members allowed is 3.


2. Q: What happens if the lander does not adhere to the specified rule?

A: We will still drop the disqualified creations, such as those exceeding the size limit or made from materials that are not permitted, to observe if the eggs survive. However, they will not qualify for participation in the competition for the special recognition of the lightest lander.


3. Q: Can students from different grades form a team?  

A: That is fine. However, recess times vary across different grades. The lander will be dropped during the recess time of the grade to which Student 1 belongs. Additionally, the participation in competing for the special recognition of the lightest lander will be counted towards the highest grade among all team members. 


4. Q: We have so many ideas. Can we bring in more than one creation per team? 

A: Certainly, we welcome multiple submissions from the same team! Please submit a separate form for each of your creations.


5. Q: Are items like slime and Play-Doh permitted? 

A: Yes, they are allowed, provided they are not overly diluted and won't create a significant mess. 

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