Somerset Winterfest 2021 Wrap-up

Big shout thank-you to our Somerset Superstar staff and volunteers. We had a great night of our winter fest, Light up the Night. More than 600 students and their family members attended this wonderful event. This wonderful event brought our diverse cultures together to celebrate the many winter festivals and holidays held throughout the world! It has affirmed the identities of students and built their cultural competency. It was an evening that SHINE and illuminated what makes Somerset shine in our darkest months. 

Many families donated a lot of items such as glow sticks, and provided fantastic lights and kiddie pools. Our Somerset Superstar staff spent days in setting up the light and decorating the school, and have been serving students with hot chocolate during the event. A number of volunteers spent hours in setting up the exhibition stands and interpreting the culture to audience. Special thanks to Bellevue Fire Station 4 (Factoria) for demonstration, providing education, and their support to this event. We would like to extend our thanks to Cub scout 629 for helping decorate the classroom with all kinds of lights and clean up Somerset Garden for this event. All these efforts make us a strong community. Thank you all for your contributions to making it a great and fun event!

Updated Somerset Winter Fest Volunteers: (If you volunteered yet your name was somehow overlooked, please accept our apologies and let us know via email We would like to accurately acknowledge each and every one of you and will publish another volunteer list and recognize all of our volunteers at the end of the school year.)

Adele Zhang Eun Suk Cho Ken Boda Scott Eng
Aditi Desai Grace Yu Kimmie Eng Seema Gangadhara
Aileen Wu Haiyan Xu Kosuke Suzuki Seo Yeon Kim
Alison Boda Hillary Nordwell Kyosun Moon Shengnan Li
Ana Howard Huey Sung Leo Li Shilin Li
Angelle Morvant Hui Zhang Leslie Song Sudha Bharti
Aviti Mathur Huiying Ye Lily Zhu Tanya Meyer
Bef Ayenew Hyewon Shin Lin Zhang Tara DeFoe
Bodil Tracey Inna Sheiman Linda Liu Tim Wortman
Bong Hyun Shin Jackie Gao Lingyan Rong Tuli Davenport
Carolyn Li Jason Liu Liu Yu Tyler Pilkington
Catherine Qu Jeff Scherpelz Lu Zhang Valerie Makam
Cathy Chen Jenny Kim Luxi Ji Wai Ip
Charmaine Borbe Jenny Nie Maggie Zhang Wenyan Zhou
Cheryl Crow Jenny Suresh Michael Vincelli Wing Ng
Chu Chen Jerod Hitzel Monica Ramos Xiaomin Zhou
Clare Shen Jerry Zhang Natalie Hovanec Yan Zhou
Cristina Gutierrez Jessie Chien Ned Locke Yanhua Chen
Dafan Liu Jiahao Mao Nina Chen Ye Ji
David Wang Jieyun Fan Patrick DeFoe Yim Cheng
Deana Ahn Jihyun Kim Peggy Wang Ying Liang
Deepthi Kancharthi Jin Chen Pratima Penmetsa Yingqi Zhao
Demi Wang Jingfei Liu Qinghui Liu Yodit Daniel
Diane Kuslich Jingyuan Yin Rachel Kim Yolanda Ip
Donghui Pan Jingyuan Zhu Rebeca Fisikelli Youngjoo Park
Edith Ng Jinny Kim Regina Anderson Yu Liu
Elizabeth Hitzel Katherine Yu Royce Wong Yuan Li
Emily Wang Kelly Mao Sairam Suresh Yu-Hao Pan
Erika Rice Scherpelz Kelly Sullivan Wynn Sandy Lin Yuki Yang
Eriko Wu      


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